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Feeling like a rapper

It seems... "Fantasy's what people want reality to be"

I've been listening to Akua Naru extensively last week. That damn song "The World is listening" glued in my head and soon will be my ultimate life anthem.

Akua Naru is a perfect female artist to me: full of lust and intellect. For the touch of her lust, play "Poetry: How Does It Feel Now" at night with some candlelights. She is the woman of all woman.

Talking of intellect, do you know hip hop improves brain functions? Back in 2012, Dr Becky Inkster and Dr Akeem Sule from the University of Cambridge found that freestyling can put the brain in a unique “flow state” that triggers “parts of the brain responsible for emotion, language, motivation, motor function, and motor processing”. Together, they launched Hiphop Psych helping patients who were stroke survivors, Parkinson's patients, and other mental disorders.

Given its benefits toward the mind, integrating rap in teaching can be a legit idea to help student with memorising. When I am trying to intertwine economics and rap, I found this dope video.

So next time you see me, maybe i can talk economics in beats and rhythm of prose.

Peace out!

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