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|SHARE| Notes of reflection: TEACHING STRATEGIES

This is the lesson to which I must continually revisit. The two days are insufficient for me to comprehend everything. Dr. Lan Anh started with the Lucky Iron Fish video. I think you should watch this first before reading the post:

The story is very inspirational. Even if an initiative is beneficial, it will fail if the proposed remedy does not align with the receivers' beliefs. I return to my teaching, acknowledging that my message and instruction will be ineffective if I do not accommodate my students' values and beliefs. In the first exercise, we learn to empathise our students through what they say, think, feel, and do.

Then, we were introduced Design thinking approach. Once you understand our students and where come from, we must reframe their difficulties. For example

We then enter the Design Thinking Process. At the define stage, we try to reframe the problem like the previous photo. We then brainstorm and think about different teaching techniques (JIGSAW, 5W1H, brainstorm, KWL, etc.). Once we have developed several teaching methods, we will construct a prototype and test it.

As educators transition to the Design thinking methodology, I believe we will adopt a growth mindset.

Problem based teaching

Design Thinking

What is the right answer?

What is the right question?

Talk more

Talk and Listen

Talk about facts

Talk about feeling and experience

Individual > collaborative


Dr. Lan Anh finished the seminar with a "Exit Ticket" for us to review the lesson. This was pretty beneficial for my personal purposes, and I intend to utilize it in the future.

The lesson reminds me to keep thinking about new teaching ideas, trial, and repeat.

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