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|Stumbling with words| Vol. 01


a) "And to those men in the audience, both young and old, I would remind you what it truly is to actually be a man. It has absolutely nothing to do with money, achievements, skills, accomplishments, degrees, professions, positions. A real man loves his wife. A real man is faithful to his wife. And real men, next to God and his country, put his wife and his children as the most important thing in his life."

b) "Hackers do not cause breaches. People do. And every breach comes down to that." People can't hack if you do no fault.

c) Credit card is the way for future proof of credential. We might no longer need collaterals to borrow. It is also hide your personal account from hackers.

3. Ed Sheeran Is in Love With the Shape of $$$: Brief on how Ed Sheeran broke record on sale. How? Simply lower price and more song in comparison to Taylor Swift

4. Science through cooking: Learnt the name from Inside Bill's brain documentary. Woww. Can't wait to read the whole book. Hope it can top Hervé This

5. Expected future income and consumption reaction: The emergence of credit card allows consumer to spend today, pay tomorrow. It also allow we to question whether future income increase consumption today. The article brings onto the table the other income-related indicators (wealth, average future income, risk aversion, etc.) with the relation to demand.

6. On morality vs. legal Is something legal moral?

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