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|Stumbling with words| Ep.02

1. Bill Cunningham is the great photographer who lived such an extraordinary life. Listen to one of his very fun video on New York Fashion.

2. Textbook of the week go to one of the good quality textbook in Vietnamese. called Báo cáo tài chính - Phân tích, dự báo, và định giá (Financial Reports - Analysis, Prediction, and Evaluation) by National Economics University Publishing. The book even has its own website. with teacher slides for lectures. The book is also very helpful for investor such as myself.

3. China's foreign aid policy in Africa. Very similar patterns i with Japanese and Chinese aids in Vietnam. Aids act along side international relation policies to manipulate countries. To learn more on aids and its impact, you might find it is beneficial to read Globalization And Its Discontents by Joseph Stiglitz.

4. Another example of scam business: Case study of LuLaRoe to remind people there is no fast track to wealth.

5. Music of the moment from the new found series called The Politician

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