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|Stumbling with words| Recommendation N.03

After accumulating enough, here I am again with another "Stumbling with word" series. During the past month, I found:

1. Fusing Capitalist Economics with Communist Politics: China and Vietnam: Newly found lecture from Professor Shapriro. This is quite an interesting lecture on how China and Vietnamese embedded free market in their communist states.

2. There is No Economics without Politics: If you study Microeconomics from me, you probably know the quotes: "I began to realize that those who understood economics understood power" from Joe Earle. This is another read on how economics and politics intertwined.

3. How to study for exams - Evidence-based revision tips: I found Ali Abdaal my favorite Youtuber. I discovered the guy from Youtube suggestion and learnt great deal. My two important takeaways are "active recall" and "spaced repetition". In the series, Abdaal explained how the two methods with research evidences. During my school year, I actually did something similar (without knowing its terminology). Looking back, it might be the reason why I found school is not painful and never cram. In the next post, I will do my summary of "Make it stick" - a book recommended by Ali on learning tips.

4. Why do we hate networking events? It is Ali Abdaal (again) with his brother. This is the episode I found very relatable. Previously, I thought it is SHAMEFUL to hate networking events and I should improve. And now finally, I found others also hate networking events and house parties. The duo brought up a concept called "social optionality". If you throw yourself in a high social optionality events (networking, house parties), you can easily leave the conversation after the very first seconds. If you stay in the low social optionality events (group holidays, dinners), you don't have many choices and you are forced to connect with the person. The more you share, listen, and care less on impressing someone, you find something from the other person click you back on.

5. The long holiday allows me the watch more movies. My movie recommendation goes to Lady Bird (2017). To me, it is the best coming of age movie. I guess it is always hard being a girl with personalities: too weird, too ambitious, and too strong. As per Danny said: “How can someone be strong and warm?” Or like what Joe from the Little women said acting strong is lonely. It is lonely. Lady bird is another character played by Saoirse Ronan with similar spirits with her roles in Brooklyn and Little women. The protagonist named herself "Lady Bird" and refused the name her parents’ given her. She questioned why someone take the name they were given yet question Jesus? Lady Bird has her own opinions over love, religion, and dream. My personal favorite scene was when Lady voiced breaking up on abortion: "Just because something looks ugly doesn't mean that it's morally wrong." What I relate to the most was Lady’s relationship with her family. Her mother wants Lady to study in UC Davis (a university near their home) yet the girl always wants to be faraway. Part of the reason was their family financial situations but the bigger part was her mother’s overprotection over Lady. The two women were opinionated heading to their never ending arguments. Some were Déjà vu. Isn’t it familiar to us all? Someone loving you the most ended up hurting you dearly? What we all have to do is owning our path. Cuz who else can? Lady did and went to NYC. At the final scenes, Lady calls herself Christine (her birth name). Guess the girl doesn’t need to proof anything to anyone anymore.

My favorite song from the movie

Happy reading everyone!

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