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|Stumbling with words| Recommendation N.06

Hello readers!

Welcome to another entry where I shared what I have read recently. Tet went by and I have nothing but works. As my work proceeds, I discovered few random things:

  1. The use of Excel and Scrivener for research: I discovered A Law Unto Herself when doing my literature review for my coming papers. This blog is a writing collection of a law teacher doing her daily job. I found her 2 posts on Excel and Scrivener extremely useful for me in my writing process. You can check them out if you want to organize your reference papers and writing ideas.

  2. Yesterday, my boyfriend sent me an article about Architect Vo Trong Nghia and his Buddhism livings. He is using religion to form his company's culture. It reminds me of an Oddly Normal podcast where politicians have utilized religion as management tools. I believe a great leader created solid "religion" then saved tons of efforts and moneys to manage his/her teams.

3. I used to watch Bojack Horseman religiously. I quit when finally realized Bojack was a waste man. I should not watch the show to be pessimistic. Yesterday, I scrolled down past Instagram feeds and found a Diane's quote on marriage. I think it's legit and worth the share.

4. I found another start up podcast last week. Supprisingly, my ex-boss was featured. Listening to this, I admire his management philosophy. I get why he is loved by many. However, as the coffee scence involved constantly, he needs to be present and closely manage the chain. Letting others running your coffee shops based on trust is risky (the principal–agent problem)

5. I watched 2 seasons of HBO's Succession thanks to Lisa Eldridge. The show depicts a journey where a media tycoon Logan Roys finding his heir/heiress. Some claims Roy is the drama version of Rupert Murdoch and Shakespeare's King Lear. What strikes me the most was the "merger madness" of Logan's Waystar company. As business went sour, Logan bought other media platforms to strengthen his position. The problem, however, lies on the operations of 80-year-old media company. As customers stop getting news from television, the acquisition of media zombies did little favor for Waystar. This case study reminds me how Vietnam Television trying to utilize Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook as new mediums. Maybe it is the way plan should go.

Till next time!

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