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Hello again!

I've been a while since my last post. I have hibernated to reflect, struggling to be motivated. Sometimes, all you need is a vacation to recharge and restart. This post is just a hello from me; yes, I will write more often.

The highlight of life recently is the Mixtape podcast by Scott Cunningham. If you learnt from me, you might remember the video of Kathryn Graddy on perfect competition.

The recent podcast from Scott reveals the story behind her fish research. It is always inspiring to learn from another economist and the intuition behind their research. Should the economics teaching more research-led? I need you, my readers, for your opinion.

Should economics teaching be more research-led?

  • Yesssss

  • Nahhh

Until then, I will try to write more post on research I came across.

Thank you for keep hanging around <3

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