2020 in five photos

2020 was a wonderful year. Few doors closed and many doors open. I want to wrap the year with the best things I done and lesson I learnt in this year.

  1. Get on Tedx event

This was not the first time I spoke to large audience on stage. Yet this is THE time I realize my purpose in life. One mission after the talk: lose weigh and get better at rhetorical skills.

2. Attend VSS and won first prize as a team

I took the gut to skip classes attending the 8th Vietnam Summer Science school. I learnt the important of trying to be constant micro winner (to be the macro one day). To take my career seriously if I want to get it far. Attend more conferences.

3. Best book of the year helped opening my perspectives on the use of economics in education. I finally decide on what I want to focus in my studies: educational policy.

4. Best blog post in 2020. I know people out there still craved for long and well researched content.

5. Last movie I watch in 2020 and a very meaningful one. Don't marginalize minorities. Stay ahead of the game by keeping updated or else you will be obsolete.

Hope your 2020 was full of venture.

See you in 2021!

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