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Did and will do| 2019

1. I single-handedly renovated my parents' house. The journey went from frustration to satisfaction. I learnt to believe in first impression. Once you felt the constructor was untrustworthy, he will likely turn out to be shitty.

The lesson also runs to relationship. If you don't feel at ease, you better trust your gut feeling.

2. I completed reading challenge of 2019. Favorite book of the year goes to Discovering Craft Villages in Vietnam: Ten Itineraries Around Ha Noi. Overall, it was a good reading year.

3. I stayed in Quang Ninh for 3 weeks and absolutely loved it. The city carries so many potentials, people are kind, and the sights were breathtaking. Below are my favorite moments:

Kayaking in Ha Long

Reading during the sunset

Breathing in Binh Lieu

3. I learnt to let go. I let go of some works, people, and stuffs to focus on the presence. The journey was tough. I self-doubted tons but looking back the present me agree with what I did back then.

4. I learnt that women can transform and grow into someone incredible. I learnt to love many women I absolutely hated during my teenage years. Taylor Swift, for example, turned out to be a very decent song writer and feminist. So as Huyen Chip, or Hoang Thuy Linh. So if you are hated in 2019, you can be the most loved person in the years to come. Learn and continue to grow, women.

4. Resolutions on 2019:

- FOCUS on the effing PHD application.

- Better train mental mind.

- Write more.

Most played song of 2019

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Happy new year cô, há há Chúc cô năm mới có thêm nhiều trải nghiệm mới thú vị ạ

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