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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Kurt Cobain recording in Hilversum Studios in the Netherlands on Nov. 25, 1991.

Kurt is the man to remember. He is a genuine artist who conquered his fears and angers in the most self-destructive manner. The journal expressed his loathe toward the mainstream, journalism and politics and his unbearable love for Courtney Love, his daughter and music as a form of art.

1. When I’m really bored I … laydown and think for a while until I fall into a semi-hypnotic state of sub-consciousness, some call it day dreaming, some call it just fucking spacing out. But I feel like I’m not here and it doesn’t matter because I’m sick of putting myself in boring situation and conversation, just everyday basic sitcom happenings, some call it thinking but when in this particular state of mind I forgot to think and it becomes strictly observatory.

2. I don’t work on songs quite as intensely as in the past. You know why??? Television. Television is the most evil thing on our planet. Go right now to your TV and toss it out the window, or sell it and buy a better stereo.

3. My lyrics are a big pile of contradictions. They are split down the middle between very sincere opinions and feelings that I have and sarcastic and hopefully humorous rebuttals towards cliché bohemian ideas that have been exhausted for years. …. I like to be passionate and sincere, but I also like to have fun and act like a dork.

4. Words suck…Words aren’t as important as the energy derived from music, especially live…. Music is ENERGY. A mood, atmosphere. FEELING.

5. I use bits and pieces of others personalities to form my own.

6. I have met many minds able to store and translate a pregnantly large amount of information, yet they haven’t had an once of talent for wisdom or appreciation of passion.

7. I purposely keep myself naïve and away from earthly information because it’s the only way to avoid jaded attitude. Everything I do is internal subconscious because you can’t rationalize spirituality.

8. Rock is musical freedom. It’s saying, doing, and playing what you want. Nirvana means freedom from pain and suffering in the external world and that close to my definition of punk rock.

9. I like to have strong opinion with nothing to back them up with besides my primacy sincerity.

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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

1. Chuyen Tu te (1987) - Living as one should

Staring at the facade of capitalism and power manipulation, what keeps me alive is the remained kindness. Whenever I watched the movie, it reminded me of my dear friend Thanh Vu. Thank you for being one of very few people I know who live with 100% passion, pure heart, and kindness. I wish you the best in your documentary path, dear.

If you have 42 mins in your day, please watch the movie and let it reminding you about living with kindness.

2. Thay co chung ta da thay doi (2017) - How our teacher changed The program selected 8 teachers, analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each. The weakness often drives from over-esteem of teachers: unable to listen to their students, fail to appreciate their jobs, and reluctant to change. Most teachers feel helpless with students and tired of their job. The program is a breath of fresh air given the learning environment in Vietnam. It advocates for proactive teaching environment and putting students as classroom centre. At the end of each episode, through tears and smiles, those teachers found the meaning and happiness from their work again.

3. Talk Vietnam: Lê Duy Loan. An engineer and the first woman and Asian elected as a Texas Instruments Senior Fellow

Recently, VTV impressed me with the quality of its shows. Talk Vietnam is another incredible show. My favorite this year is an interview with Ms. Le Duy Loan. There are two words repeatedly mentioned in this talk: determination and compassion. It showed who she is as a woman and a professional.

I saw my aunt, my friend’s mother, my teacher, and my fav restaurant owner in Ms. Loan. Their earnest to belong to the motherland, the audacity to dream, the incredible work ethics, and above all a compassionate heart for the greater good. I cried watching the show. Only kindness is able to move me that way and I guess it can do so to others.

4. Thao's library (2015)

Some were born to take. Some were born to give. This is a heart tearing story of Thao. She was born to give even when so little she has. Agent Orange couldn't stop her from dreaming. She dreams of becoming a princess, of having legs and arms like normal people do, and of having a library. Her laughters when she saw her library torn my heart. Thao is an inspiration.

The very last scenes when she danced with her hands made me feel i'm so lucky. I can dance on my own feet.

5. Andrew Jenks, Room 335 (2006)

Days after my grandmother passed away, my boss gave me a book about Buddhism. Its message put good scar in my heart. Life is impermanent. You can't control it but wisdom and love make you survive. Since then, books and documentaries on the elderly have special place in my heart.

Andrew Jenks, Room 335 told a story of Andrew aged of 19 living in nursery home in Florida with his friends to document the elderly lives. whole documentary sparkled with tears and laughters. I remember Tammy and Bill the most. They made jokes, bought candies and helped others. They created love and received enormous amount of love from others.

By the end of the day, only "beauty and kindness made tears clear blindness"

The show reminded me of my another favorite Youtube video: Life lessons from 100-year-olds. If you are my close friends, I am sure you were sent the vid x

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It seems... "Fantasy's what people want reality to be"

I've been listening to Akua Naru extensively last week. That damn song "The World is listening" glued in my head and soon will be my ultimate life anthem.

Akua Naru is a perfect female artist to me: full of lust and intellect. For the touch of her lust, play "Poetry: How Does It Feel Now" at night with some candlelights. She is the woman of all woman.

Talking of intellect, do you know hip hop improves brain functions? Back in 2012, Dr Becky Inkster and Dr Akeem Sule from the University of Cambridge found that freestyling can put the brain in a unique “flow state” that triggers “parts of the brain responsible for emotion, language, motivation, motor function, and motor processing”. Together, they launched Hiphop Psych helping patients who were stroke survivors, Parkinson's patients, and other mental disorders.

Given its benefits toward the mind, integrating rap in teaching can be a legit idea to help student with memorising. When I am trying to intertwine economics and rap, I found this dope video.

So next time you see me, maybe i can talk economics in beats and rhythm of prose.

Peace out!

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